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Reeces Phantom Hawk

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Reeces Phantom Hawk AMHA/AMHR 32" Red Dun LWO+

AMHA World Top 5 Classic Pleasure Driving 32" and Under
AMHA Top Ten Classic Pleasure Driving Stallions and Gentleman's Classic Pleasure Driving
AMHR Top Five Western Country Pleasure Driving 32" and Under Stakes
AMHA Central Regional Champion
AMHR Regional Supreme Halter Champion
AMHA Supreme Halter
With minimal showing and with 10 years between his halter career and driving career he has obtained some very notable awards. He has the most true Arabian look. Tight tippy ears that are tight, contoured head with wide set eyes that are shocking blue. He has it all talent, conformation, pedigree, and LOADS of color possibilities!




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Reeces Phantom HawkReeces Phantom HawkReeces Phantom Hawk


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